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Starblastio The first MMO shoot’em up. Play with million players and be the only survivor, if you can Play as a spaceship roaming around the galaxy mining meteors for gems. Gems can be used to upgrade your ship. Sounds fairly relaxed, right? WRONG. This game is fast paced and highly competitive. Larger, faster and better upgraded ships will try and kill you diepio with much better graphics and faster game pace.
Shoot asteroids and enemies to collect crystals. With your crystals, upgrade your ship, buy new ships and buy extra lives for your existing ship.Starblast io is an arcade-style space shoot them up. You control a spaceship, shoot asteroids and enemies, collect crystals. From collected crystals, you will be able to upgrade your spaceship, change to a higher level ship or buy an extra life for your existing ship. Controls: use your mouse to pilot your ship, left click to fire, right click for thrust. Or use your keyboard: arrow keys and space bar to fire.


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